Saturday, November 22, 2014

Great Savings for you~!

HanjiNaty is thrilled to participate in the SPSTeam Cyber Week Sales Event once again this year!

From November 28 to December 4 you can enjoy at 20% discount on everything in the HanjiNaty shop!!

You can also save a lot on shipping by buying two items or more! Save time and money by shopping at HanjiNaty!

20% OFF instant discount at check-out with the coupon code SPST4U  ~!

Cyber Week Sale~!

* * * *

What does the discount and combined shipping look like?

                   A pair of handmade earrings       +          A handcrafted brooch

$12 + $3 shipping : $15            $15 + $3 shipping : $18    

= Total $33

With the Coupon Code and combined shipping 

$9.60 + $12 + combined shipping $3.50

= Total $25.10

(Savings of $7.90!)

How about with three items?

       A set of 4 coasters             +  Earrings with hand-cut designs     +   A unique keychain

$15 + $4 shipping : $19                        $14 + $3 shipping : $17                      $11 + $3 shipping : $14   

Total $50

With the Coupon Code and combined shipping 

$12 + $11.20 + $8.80 + combined shipping $5.00

= Total $37.00

(Savings of $13!)

Come and take a look at the HanjiNaty online boutique and choose unique presents for your loved ones!

... and remember that all HanjiNaty items will arrive carefully gift-wrapped!

Happy shopping!

Monday, November 17, 2014

HanjiNaty Earrings : hypoallergenic, lightweight, and beautifully unique!

Did you know that all the HanjiNaty earrings are built with hypoallergenic hooks?

Were you aware that the HanjiNaty earrings are so unbelievably light, that you won't even feel that you are wearing them?

Did you know that every single pair of HanjiNaty earrings is completely unique? With hand-cut designs and carefully chosen colors and patterns?

Yes! They really are the perfect gift for the women of your life!

And at only $14 a pair... it's a steal!

Shop now and avoid the Holiday rush :

Handmade Paper Earrings

Diamond jewelry

Hook jewelry

Hook jewelry

Diamond jewelry

Yellow jewelry

Fuchsia jewelry

Friday, November 7, 2014

Shop Unique for the Holidays!

Dear Holiday Shopper,

We, the sellers of Etsy want to share one simple reminder . . .

Shop unique.
Shop Etsy for the holidays!

Etsy is a marketplace where people around the world connect to buy and sell unique goods. We know you have to go “big box retail” to buy the flat screen TV or iPhone that is on your sweetie’s list. Just remember, for all the other gifts on your list, you can shop on EtsyWe are the real sellers on Etsy – some of us are running our shop as a side-business, while others are selling full-time. We are moms, dads, sons, daughters. You see us selling at craft shows and boutiques. We are entrepreneurs, risk-takers, and passion-sharers. We want to share our creativity with the world and help connect you to real-life makers – not a robot or a disconnected manufacturer. On Etsy, you can shop by all of these categories: 

The Sellers of Etsy 


HanjiNaty is thrilled to join the SHOP UNIQUE promotional campaign, an inventive and dynamic social media
promotion wave,  initiated by Jason from Etsy-preneurship and Timothy from Handmadeology.

The idea is to work together to promote Holiday shopping on Etsy ! 
All the Etsy sellers are invited to take part in this massive movement!!

How can you participate?

Visit the Shop Unique page :

Click on the banner "Click Here to Join the Shop Unique Promotion"

Follow the instructions : you must use Facebook to like and share the post, and to invite other Etsy sellers to join the movement! There are six (6) easy steps to add your Etsy shop to the list, and to participate in this massive effort to bring shoppers to our Etsy shops!

1. Submit your shop by filling out an online form
2. Like the original post on Facebook
3. Post your Etsy shop link in the comment section (on Facebook) along with a brief sentence about what you sell
4. Comment and like 3 other comments on the Facebook post
5. Share the post and tag at least 5 other Etsy sellers to invite them to join the movement! You can also tag some of your biggest fans to invite them to support the Shop Unique initiative.
6. Spread the word : Tweet, blog, talk about it in Team Forum, etc.!

Spread the word!

The sixth and last step is very important!! We have to beat our drum loud and clear to make sure people remember to visit Etsy when time comes to do their Holiday shopping!

Please please share this post on your personal blog or Facebook page! Leave a link to your blog in the comments below, so we can all stay connected!

Together we can make a difference!