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As an Etsy shop owner, I am discovering everyday new ways to promote my work and my shop.

Here is a non-exhausting (and non-pretentious) "Online Tool Box" that I have put together for all the Etsy shop owners out there! I will make sure to update it as soon as I hear of new tools, apps and websites that can help us all make our shops more successful !

Managing your Listings                                                                    

✔ Betsi 
This app is a very convenient way to manage your listings in your Etsy shop. Betsi allows you to modify your listings or titles in a bulk, which means that you will save precious hours, as you won't have to edit your listings one at a time.

The full version of Betsi also allows you to bulk-edit your tags! It costs 9$ a month for the subscription, but you can have a 7-day Free trial.

The free version of this app, called Betsi Lite, allows you to edit your titles, listings and prices, but won't let you edit your tags:

Monitoring Traffic                                                                            

Another important aspect of our Etsy business is the monitoring of traffic. How many views and favorites do my items get? Where are the visitors from? How are my items positioned compared to the other shops' products?

This tool gives you the detail of the hearts (favorites) your shop and your different items got. You can also access a complete list of the people who favorited your shop.

 Are my Listings relevant?
You can check the relevancy of your tags and titles with this online tool.

 Are my Listings trending?
Are you items trending? You can find out with one click, using this tool.

 Craft Count
You can take a look at lists of the top sellers on Etsy, and see how your shop is positioned compared to the best sellers out there.

Improving SEO and Tags                                                                   
Tag Wars
This very useful tool gives you a chance to compare different tags and see which one has the highest relevancy, popularity and probability rates. This is a great way to choose the best tags to be found in searches.

Managing your Business                                                                      

✔ Etsy Seller's Worksheet
You can download this convenient seller's worksheet that will help you keep track of your items and optimize your business.

Offering discounts and coupons                                                           

✔ Etsy on Sale
This website is dedicated uniquely to discounted and on-sale Etsy items. You can use it to promote your items that are on sale, but you will have to purchase credits in order to post on this website.

Be seen and heard on social media platforms                                       

✔ Wanelo (
Wanelo (that stands for Want - Love - Need) is a great site for Etsy shop owners to promote their items. Check it out, and claim your shop today! Someone might have already posted one of your items on Wanelo.

 Pinterest (
It's next to impossible to avoid Pinterest when promoting your Etsy shop! Joining group boards is always an excellent idea to get your items out there.

✔ Polyvore (
A playful and interactive platform that gives you a chance to create collections and sets, by combining items that you like. You can update the items from your shop to the site to get them found and used by other Polyvore users.
✔ Facebook (
✔ Tumblr (
✔ Twitter (
WeHeartIt (
✔ Keep (

Boosting up your Blog or Website                                                         

There are some great tools out there to boost up your blog or website.

✔ Shop Widget

This tool will give you a chance to add a dynamic shop widget (with integrated slide show) onto your blog or website. Easy to use, and free!(You can see an example of the widget at the bottom of this page)

✔ Etsy Mini
The Etsy mini is a direct gateway to your shop! You can generate your code and paste it in any webpage or blog HTML. Any change you make in your Etsy shop will be automatically updated in your Etsy mini. You can customize your Etsy mini to suit your needs.

More apps and tools                                                                            

More Etsy apps :

You can browse here to find more Etsy apps. You can arrange the different apps by popularity, newness  or alphabetical order to find what you need :

Interesting reads                                                                                   

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