Sunday, November 27, 2016


Seven foreign artists and artisans living in the province of Jeollabuk-do have decided to get together and present their work in a multidisciplinary art and craft exhibition titled HUMAN NATURE.

I was thrilled and honored to be invited to showcase my Hanji paper items for this fantastic occasion, that combines illustration, oil painting,  street art, drawing, costume making and hanji crafts. 

This exhibit is held at the charming Cafe Misulgwan, a newly-opened coffee shop in the University district of Iksan (Daehangro).

For more information on the venue, click here.

HUMAN NATURE is held in Cafe Misulgwan, in Iksan.

HUMAN NATURE opened on November 19, 2016 and for the occasion many visitors came to Cafe Misulgwan to admire the artworks and meet the artists.

The exhibition comprises the work of Tara Beck (art enthusiast and hobbyist), Bonnie Cunningham (painter and illustrator), Damien Sullivan (visual artist), Sabrina Pinksen (artist and writer), Sara Hodgkiss (street artist and illustrator), Sarah Vetter and myself, Natalie Thibault (hanji artist).

The seven artists of HUMAN NATURE.

For the exhibition, I worked on two special items: a 6-drawer cabinet with an intricate peacock design and a vertical lamp embellished with a phoenix design. As the theme of the exhibition was humanity and natural elements (therefore the title "Human Nature") I decided to choose glorious birds to represent the animal reign.

I also included several other items that I have created in the last few years. All the objects on display feature animals and/or floral designs, in order to represent vividly yet symbolically some of the most beautiful creatures of the vegetal and animal kingdoms.

Among the objects on display for the exhibition you can see a chest with a metallic bee lock, several plates, pen holders and coasters, and a tea tray adorned with a bird and flower traditional design.

All of the items are available for purchase. Some of these items are available in the Hanji Naty online shop, and you can contact me directly if you are interested in acquiring some of these objects.

HanjiNaty items on display at the Cafe Misulgwan.

Here are some pictures of the amazing artworks created by my fellow artists. If you have a chance to visit the Cafe Misulgwan please do not hesitate! Their unique pieces of art deserve to be seen in person, as photos do not do justice to their creativity and talent.

The art will be on display until the beginning of 2017.

Bonnie Cunningham
Damien Sullivan
Damien Sullivan
Sabrina Pinksen
Sarah Hodgkiss
Sarah Vetter
Tara Beck

You can visit Cafe Misulgwan from 11am to 1am everyday. This cozy coffee shop offers a variety of hot and cold drinks, along with homemade cakes.

For directions:

One of the HanjiNaty items on display at Cafe Misulgwan.