Tuesday, June 25, 2019

June 29-30: Come to the Art & Craft Market in Seoul!

Come to Itaewon on June 29 and 30 to enjoy the amazing Art & Craft Market, organized by I Art Seoul!

HanjiNaty will be there to offer you a great selection of handcrafted earrings, hair accessories, and small deco items.

The Market will be open from 11am to 4pm on Saturday (June 29), and from 1pm to 6pm on Sunday (June 30).

The Gyeongridan Street Festival
on June 29 and 30!
Do not miss this chance to enjoy the buzzing atmosphere of Itaewon, as the Market will coincide with the Gyeongridan Street Festival that will be held the same weekend. Street art, buskers, street food, great arts and crafts: what is there not to love??

Amazing vendors offering handmade products

Many vendors will be there on both days to offer a fantastic selection of handcrafted jewelry, accessories, baby items, beauty products, and delicious treats.

Here is a list of the vendors you can meet at the Market :


Handmade accessories and jewelry made of high-quality Hanji paper. A traditional Korean craft with a Western twist!

On site Saturday and Sunday (June 29-30).

Lizzie's Fizzies

Shower Fizzies - If you prefer a shower to a bath, homemade Lizzie's Fizzies are the perfect option for you.
They're made with high quality sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and citric acid, just like shower bombs. But rather than placing them into your tub, you place them on the floor of the shower. The water and steam activates the fizzing reaction, releasing aroma into the air.

On site Saturday and Sunday (June 29-30).

Beau and co shop

Specialize in handmade baby and children’s clothing and various toys/ teething accessories. I use luxury fabrics mostly European and most are certified organic.

On site Saturday and Sunday (June 29-30).

Dooloo Kids Shop

Handmade baby and children’s accessories. All items are 100% handmade with beautiful fabrics from Korea, Canada and Japan. Custom orders are welcome!

On site Saturday (June 29).

Studio Bodhi

Art studio specializing in handpainted artwork and homedecor products focused on Indian art. Includes products like kettles, trays, bottles, boxes, plates, canvas etc handpainted using high quality acrylic paints. Also conduct workshops - custom orders for sale, inquiries workshops are welcome

On site Saturday (June 29).

Tiffany Peek

Geeky, kick@ss artwork. Stickers, prints, and collectables featuring original comics and anime-inspired artwork drawn traditionally and digitally.

On site Saturday (June 29).

Anxiety and Kimbap

Korean themed and pop culture inspired enamel pins.
On site Saturday (June 29).

Catherine Carrard by Catherine C.

Cards, bookmarks and my book "Empreintes", a collection of poems, short novels (in French) with woodcut engravings.

On site Saturday (June 29).

Henna Art - Beauty and Glam Life

Beautiful henna art with 100% natural henna dye. I do pretty white henna art as well with my homemade synthetic white henna.

On site Saturday (June 29).

DN’s Odds & Ends

Vegan homemade goods
Soy-free tofu and natural homemade deodorant
On site Sunday (June 30).

Poms & Posies

Handmade heirloom quality crochet items for the little ones in your life. Specializing in 100% cotton bibs, bonnets and bows.

On site Sunday (June 30).

Gwaja Bar

Handcrafted Vintage Chocolates and Confections.
Freshly made Chocolates taste better! From Fancies to Novelties, Chocolate Bars to Gift Sets Gwaja Bar makes everything by hand from recipes that are up to 100 years old. Special orders are also available for a special occasion, or just because!

On site Sunday (June 30).

How to get there?

I Art Seoul is located in Itaewon. Take the subway to Noksapyeong station (녹사평역) and take Exit no.2. Walk north on Noksapyeong-daero until you reach the large intersection where you can take an underpass to reach to other side.

See you there!