Sunday, November 27, 2016


Seven foreign artists and artisans living in the province of Jeollabuk-do have decided to get together and present their work in a multidisciplinary art and craft exhibition titled HUMAN NATURE.

I was thrilled and honored to be invited to showcase my Hanji paper items for this fantastic occasion, that combines illustration, oil painting,  street art, drawing, costume making and hanji crafts. 

This exhibit is held at the charming Cafe Misulgwan, a newly-opened coffee shop in the University district of Iksan (Daehangro).

For more information on the venue, click here.

HUMAN NATURE is held in Cafe Misulgwan, in Iksan.

HUMAN NATURE opened on November 19, 2016 and for the occasion many visitors came to Cafe Misulgwan to admire the artworks and meet the artists.

The exhibition comprises the work of Tara Beck (art enthusiast and hobbyist), Bonnie Cunningham (painter and illustrator), Damien Sullivan (visual artist), Sabrina Pinksen (artist and writer), Sara Hodgkiss (street artist and illustrator), Sarah Vetter and myself, Natalie Thibault (hanji artist).

The seven artists of HUMAN NATURE.

For the exhibition, I worked on two special items: a 6-drawer cabinet with an intricate peacock design and a vertical lamp embellished with a phoenix design. As the theme of the exhibition was humanity and natural elements (therefore the title "Human Nature") I decided to choose glorious birds to represent the animal reign.

I also included several other items that I have created in the last few years. All the objects on display feature animals and/or floral designs, in order to represent vividly yet symbolically some of the most beautiful creatures of the vegetal and animal kingdoms.

Among the objects on display for the exhibition you can see a chest with a metallic bee lock, several plates, pen holders and coasters, and a tea tray adorned with a bird and flower traditional design.

All of the items are available for purchase. Some of these items are available in the Hanji Naty online shop, and you can contact me directly if you are interested in acquiring some of these objects.

HanjiNaty items on display at the Cafe Misulgwan.

Here are some pictures of the amazing artworks created by my fellow artists. If you have a chance to visit the Cafe Misulgwan please do not hesitate! Their unique pieces of art deserve to be seen in person, as photos do not do justice to their creativity and talent.

The art will be on display until the beginning of 2017.

Bonnie Cunningham
Damien Sullivan
Damien Sullivan
Sabrina Pinksen
Sarah Hodgkiss
Sarah Vetter
Tara Beck

You can visit Cafe Misulgwan from 11am to 1am everyday. This cozy coffee shop offers a variety of hot and cold drinks, along with homemade cakes.

For directions:

One of the HanjiNaty items on display at Cafe Misulgwan.

Friday, September 30, 2016

HanjiNaty featured in "JB Life" !

HanjiNaty is thrilled and honored to be featured in the Jeonbuk Life (JB Life), an English magazine published four times a year by the Jeollabuk-do provincial Center for international news (JBCIA).

A two-page portrait of HanjiNaty, titled Hanji Naty : Korean Crafting, Canadian Flare is published in the 2016 Summer issue of the JB Life magazine : it contains segments of an interview I gave to the reporter Anjee DiSanto, along with colorful photos taken by the same talented person.

To read the full article in an easy-to-access web viewer, click here :

The JB Life magazine focuses on our province's international community, of which I am a proud member. The paper magazine is available in different locations in Jeollabuk-do, and an easy-to-read digital version of the publication is available online.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Looking back on the 20th Edition of the Jeonju Hanji Culture Festival

This year marked the 20th anniversary of the Jeonju Hanji Culture Festival.

The annual event was held from May 5 through 8, 2016, and HanjiNaty was there to celebrate Hanji paper, one of the cultural treasures of Korea.

Before writing this blog post, I took the time to re-read my observations and comments on the previous editions, in which I participated both as a visitor (see the text on the 2013 Festival), and as a vendor in the Hanji market (take a look at last year's blog post, which covers my first experience as a vendor at the Jeonju Hanji Festival).

While re-reading my previous blog posts, I quickly came to this conclusion : not much has changed. I still love and appreciate many aspects of this singular event, but the grievances and concerns I had regarding the Festival organization are still lingering. Some things have been addressed, but there are still issues that need to be improved, in order to bring to this event the notoriety and popularity it deserves.

Let's take a look at some of the great aspects of the 2016 Festival, along with the elements that would deserve to be reconsidered and reworked.

New location for the Hanji market

This year, the vendors were located closer to the main stage area, and it was a very pleasant change. There was more foot traffic, and we could all feel more excitement and enthusiasm in the air, due to the proximity of the performances, the increased number of passer-by, and the general conviviality of the festival atmosphere. 

Even if the proximity to the stage came with loudness, it was definitely more pleasant - and more profitable - for the vendors, including myself.

The market was slightly smaller this year (there were 15 vendors present for the festival this year, compared to 20 in 2015), but visitors still had the chance to purchase high-quality Hanji paper, Hanji fans, umbrellas and small objects, along with hair accessories, jewelry and deco items designed by HanjiNaty. There was also a convenience store stall and several food stands, where people could purchase snacks, cold drinks or ice cream.

A nice spread of cultural performances

During the four days of the Festival, numerous cultural performances were held on the main stage. Visitors were invited to enjoy - for free! - various dance and musical performances, including Korean traditional dancing, belly dancing, K-pop performances, opera, and even a big band concert!

Sadly, some performances were given in front of a very sparse group of festival goers. That's unfortunate for the performers, who surely spent a lot of time and energy to prepare their shows.

The afternoon dress rehearsals for the fashion show and the Costume show were more popular; people had a great time admiring the amazing garments made of Korean paper. Unfortunately, the rain chased away many spectators for the evening performances. What a shame, especially considering the amount of work and effort were poured into the creation of these amazing costumes!

How about organizing a parade in the streets surrounding the site, and even in the Hanok village? It would be a great experience for the fashion models and designers, and it will bring attention to the Festival, and hopefully attract more visitors and tourists who might not have been aware of the event.

A new website.... but where's English?

The Jeonju Hanji Festival recently redid its website, to modernize it and make it more vibrant and user friendly. You can visit it here :

The new hot pink titles and the colorful pictures are very attractive! I especially like the large picture banner and the fresh look of the site. Unfortunately, there is still something major missing : there is no English version! It appears especially problematic this year, as the theme of the 20th edition of the Festival was "Hanji into the world."  How can we expect foreign visitors to learn about Hanji if they can't read anything about it? It is foolish to think that the internationalization of Hanji can be done without a minimal amount of English language material available. In this digital era, an English version of a website is a obvious necessity.

I have been talking about this issue for years now (on my blog, as well as in person with some people involved in the organization of the Festival), but it seems that my message hasn't reached its target yet. I will keep on beating my Hanji drum as loudly as possible, but it is not a mission I can tackle alone.

I had the occasion to discuss and share ideas with a few members of the organizing committee; I offer my help for next year's edition, and they seem happy to hear that I wanted to get involved in the organization. I really hope they indeed contact me, so I can give a hand to this event that I sincerely love.

A team of KTV produced a TV segment on the 2016 Jeonju Hanji Festival.
HanjiNaty in the news

This year, my presence drew interest from different media outlets, including KTV, the Jeonju City blog, and the JB Life Magazine. Wow!

I was thrilled to be able to talk about my craft and my passion for Hanji paper.

You can take a look at different segments and blog posts featuring HanjiNaty :

KTV segment on the Hanji Festival (HanjiNaty featured from 1:48) :

Blog post on the Jeonju City blog (in Korean) :

Blog post by "HanjiMaster" (in Korean) :

Thank you for your support!

Once again, taking part in the Jeonju Hanji Festival was an interesting and inspiring experience, despite certain frustrations. It is a beautiful event, and I really want to see it thrive. I am hopeful that the organization will accept my offer to give them a hand, and that this way I can contribute concretely to the development and promotion of this important event.

Finally, I want to take the time to thank all the visitors who took the time to visit my booth at the Festival, with a special thought to my dear friends who travelled to come and support me. Thank you! I also want to sincerely thank my dear husband and partner for his constant help and support.

See you next year, Jeonju!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Come to the 20th Hanji Culture Festival in Jeonju!

The 20th Edition of the Jeonju Hanji Culture Festival is ongoing!

From May 5 to May 8, you are invited to visit the Festival site, located in front of the Traditional Korean Culture Center (한국전통문화전당) in Jeonju!

Many activities are organized everyday to please all members of your family!

For details on the program, and how to get there, click here :

You can also check their website for more information (in Korean only) :

HanjiNaty is there, with a nice selection of handcrafted items for sale!

Our booth is located in the market area, between the main stage and the Culture building.

In our shop you will find a variety of handmade jewelry (Hanji paper earrings, brooches and necklaces), unique hair accessories (hair pins, hair ties and headbands), and colorful deco items, such as coasters, pen holders, boxes, and plates.

We can't wait to see you !

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Only a few days before the 20th Hanji Festival in Jeonju!

We are only a few days away from the annual rendezvous of the Hanji paper lovers in the South-Korean province of Jeollabuk-do!

From May 5 to May 8, you are all invited to join the 2016 Edition of the Hanji Culture Festival in Jeonju. This year marks the 20th anniversary of this important cultural event, and HanjiNaty will be there to part take in the festivities.

This year, May 6 (Friday) has exceptionally been declared 'national holiday' in Korea, so we are hoping that this nice 4-day weekend will be the occasion for many visitors and tourists to come and enjoy what the Festival has to offer!

Map of the 2016 Jeonju Hanji Festival site
This year again, the Festival will be held on the site adjacent to the Korean Cultural Center in Jeonju. The Festival site will be divided in four main sections (the HanjiNaty booth is marked by a blue star on the map) :

The main stage (section 1)

This year, many performances will take place on the 'Culture Stage'. The most important events scheduled for the Festival will be held on this main stage, including the opening and closing ceremonies, and the award ceremony for the winners of the National Hanji Craft Contest.

On Thursday night (May 5), the popular Hanji paper Fashion show will be presented. Models will be walking down the runway wearing amazing garments made of Hanji paper.

Friday evening (May 6), a show featuring numerous costumes made of Hanji will also be presented on the Festival main stage.

Throughout the Festival, many various musical and dance performances are also scheduled, including a Big Band, a belly dancing show, and traditional Korean music and dance performances.

Hands-on activities (section 2)

The second section will be dedicated to hands-on activities, featuring the star of the Festival : Hanji paper! The section located next to the Hanji Support Industry Center will be filled with activities and crafts that will enchant the little ones, and their parents as well.
The HanjiNaty is circled in red
on the Open Market map

Different booths will be set up to give the visitors the occasion to do Hanji crafts, and to create different items (lamps, dolls, pencil cases, etc.). Prices vary depending on the project you wish to tackle.

Hanji Open Market (section 3)

The Hanji Open Market will be located between the main stage and the Cultural Center this year. That's where you can find HanjiNaty!

The Hanji Open Market is the perfect place to find handmade gifts made of Hanji paper, including stationery, deco items, accessories, clothing, souvenirs, etc.

You can also purchase high-quality Hanji paper (made in Korea) in the Open Market.

Cultural Center (section 4)

In the Cultural Center building, visitors are invited to see the winners of the National Hanji Craft contest's amazing work. The exhibit is held on the 3rd floor, and is always worth a visit. Trust me!

We will be there!

HanjiNaty will be there for the four days of the Festival, to sell our handcrafted jewelry, accessories, and deco items.

In our booth, visitors will find a wide variety of handmade earrings, necklaces and brooches, along with handmade Hanji headbands, hair pins and hair ties. Other small items will also be for sale, including magnets, key chains, and phone pendants. A nice selection of coasters, pen holders and plates will also be available.

We really hope to see you there!

How to get to the Jeonju Festival :

Information in Korean :

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Get Ready for the 20th Edition of the Jeonju Hanji Culture Festival!

The 2016 Edition of the Jeonju Hanji Festival will be held in Jeonju (Jeollabuk-do province, South Korea) from May 5 (Thu) to May 8 (Sun), 2016.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Festival! How exciting!

Once again, HanjiNaty will have its own booth at the Festival, to celebrate with the visitors, artists and artisans the twentieth anniversary of the Festival.

This annual event will be held once again the area surrounding the Hanji Industry Support Center in Jeonju.

As soon as the detailed program of the Festival is revealed, I will post more information here! I can already tell you that there will be an open-air market, hands-on workshops, and most likely shows and exhibitions, including the popular Hanji fashion show.

Finally, it is important to mention that the Festival site is open and admission is free for all visitors. As the first day of the Festival is Children's Day (May 5), visiting the site with your family could be a very pleasant experience, as many activities are designed for children.

You can find more information on the Festival website (in Korean only) :

Here is the map to get to the Festival site :

See you in Jeonju!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Celebrating Korean Hanji paper in New York City with "Re:visioning Hanji"

It seems that Korean Hanji paper has been in the spotlight these last few weeks! After an interesting Festival held in Sydney, Australia, organized to celebrate and promote this amazing material, Hanji is once again the heart of a promotional event outside of Korea. Would 2016 be the Year of Hanji? I surely hope so!

This time, Hanji paper is the star of a special exhibition in New York City! Hanji artworks by contemporary artists Ran Hwang and Aimee Lee will be presented in "Re:visioning HANJI", from February 24, to March 31, 2016.

A special Hanji making seminar and hands-on workshop, led by Aimee Lee, is also organized on March 12 and 13 (Sat and Sun), to give visitors the occasion to experiment the paper-making process.

The exhibition is held in Gallery Korea at the Korean Cultural Center NY, at 460 Park Avenue (6th Floor) in New York City, NY, USA.

You can read the complete press release here: 

For more details, you can also refer to the Korean Cultural Center website :


Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A New Hanji Festival... outside of Korea!

I was thrilled to discover, thanks to my dear friend and fellow artist Jan Coveney from Hanji Happenings, that a brand-new Korean Hanji paper Festival has been organized in her beautiful homeland : Australia!

Organized by the Korean Cultural Center in Sydney, the K-Paper (Hanji) Culture Festival will be held from February 15 to February 29, 2016 at the Korean Cultural Center Australia.

The program of this 2-week festival includes workshops, an exhibition, a market, and a fashion show.

It is very exciting that Hanji is being promoted overseas, and that consequently more and more craft and art lovers will discover the beauties of this material, along with the endless possibilities it offers.

For more information on this festival :

Here are some articles on the event :

Hanji culture festival opens in Sydney (YonHap News Agency) :

Beauty of "K-Paper (Hanji)" to resonate with Australians (SBS) :

Hanji Festival Opens at the Korean Cultural Center Sydney (HelloAsia) :