Saturday, April 26, 2014

The 2014 Jeonju Hanji Culture Festival is Cancelled

I was on my way back home from school when I received a text message from the Hanji Festival. As I don't read Korean perfectly, I used a translating app on my phone to translate the message into English :

"Festival has been canceled due to unavoidable tragedy of Sewol*".

To say that the news upset me is a gross understatement.

I have been working, planning, dreaming, thinking and talking about this Festival for the last two months. Every spare moment was dedicated to that event; so to have to rug pulled from under my feet this way was very hard to take.

A few days after the initial message I contacted the Festival staff again to see if there's any chance the Festival would be postponed, rather than cancelled. The answer is no.

There will be no Hanji Festival in Jeonju in 2014.

* The SeWol is a South Korean ferry that sank in the Yellow Sea on 16 April 2014. Hundreds of Korean people, mainly High school students on a school trip, lost their lives in the tragedy.

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